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Content for Military Lifestyle Publications

  • Permanent Changes of Station (PCS)
  • Buying, Selling, and Renting
  • Decorating for Temporary Homes
  • Military Travel
  • Spouse Education and Career Opportunities
  • Children’s Education

For those outside of the military world, it’s hard to imagine what a military lifestyle is like. For people living within the ranks of the military, relying on sage advice and experience driven guidance is precious information.

As a military life pro, I add quality content to any of your outlets: blogs, website content, emails, newsletters, special projects, and more.

There’s no reason for military families to sift through mountains of unhelpful information. Chances are, I’ve already researched the topic, or have been through it myself.

Because I have lived this military life for more than a decade, I can help your readers make informed decisions on a variety of military life topics.